Nigeria Investment Hub customized studies typically address our clients questions of a specific issue, for example - market entry of a particular product  in a certain State or entire Nigeria, availability of raw materials or finished products in a specific location/quantity in Nigeria, expansion into a new channel, etc. We provide the key data on a specific business/operating metrics: number of store types, brand visibility, brand penetration… and supply key data on consumer profiles and behaviours required for our clients.

We have the ability to launch studies with a very short turn-around time (e.g. hours, days or weeks), we provide first-hand, reliable information to our clients in a very short-time span.

The following products/services below can be provided on a custom / ad-hoc basis to our clients in the markets we cover across Nigeria.

Retail Universe

  • Census of number of outlets in a given city or State in Nigeria
  • Characterization of outlets: name, assortment, size,  picture
  • Coverage of all product categories: food (on-trade/off-trade), non-food, services, banking…


Retail Audits / Store-checks

  •  Independent measurement of distribution/penetration in retail channels, stock levels and out-of-stock, pricing, brand visibility, merchandising, sales volumes, market shares, distributors relationships…
  • Qualitative assessment of stores: standing level, quality, professionalism…

Consumer Surveys (Quantitative)

  • Understanding specific situations
  • Describing lifestyle and other behaviors
  • Brand awareness

B2B Interviews & Audits

  • Interviews with B2B professionals/trade partners to understand specific situations
  • Understanding/qualification of specific situations
  • Gathering hard-to-get data and opinions - we can source and retrieve original corporate documents, financial statements and electronic extracts from corporate registries and other government departments.

Introductions and Field trips

  • Contact lists
  • Introductory meetings set-up
  • Site visits

Other Specific Requests

  • Traffic measurements
  • Advertising and media services and/or audits (Online, Outdoor, print..)
  • Real estate prices

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